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House Of Bullyz
10:09 AM
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The House Of BullyZ Kennel

Dog's Name: __________________________________________________
Price: ____________
UKC #: _________________________
ADBA #: ________________________
Birth Date: ______________________
Sex: ____________________________
Color: __________________________

Other stipulations:___________________________________________________________________

*The reference, in this document of dog, shall be the one referred to above, the Breeder shall be The House Of BullyZ Kennel.

*Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless by fault of Breeder.  I choose to not even accept deposits until the pups have reached 2 weeks of age / or until their eyes are opened.

*Should the dog be determined physically in ill health or with a life threatening health issue, (this does not include communicable diseases), within 48 Hours of signing this agreement, the cause which is clearly attributable to the seller, the dog may be returned with a written diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian, another puppy shall be given as a replacement and  if none are available, one may be picked from a future breeding.

The House Of BullyZ KENNEL. guarantees the dog to be current on all vaccinations and worming at the time of purchase.  All pups will come with shot history and dates of worming. The House Of BullyZ Kennel cannot be held responsible for health defects due to Buyer's negligence regarding vaccinations and worming and veterinarian checkups after date of sale.

*The name, “
House Of BullyZ.” will be included within the registered name on the official registering papers and whenever and wherever the dog is mentioned in advertising, etc. However special provisions will be used under the decision by the so called breeders.

*Buyer is to try and notify
The House Of BullyZ Kennel on a yearly basis as to the dog's condition, provide a current photo and advise The House Of BullyZ Kennel of any changes in address or phone number.

*Buyer will immediately notify
The House Of BullyZ if dog is sold, given away, stolen or lost, or becomes deceased.

*Buyer agrees not to sell this puppy/dog or any of its offspring to retailers, wholesalers, or for auction or research.

*The breeder reserves the right to inquire about and inspect the dogs housing and quarters. If the breeder finds the dog in an unsanitary and/or in poor health condition, the breeder has the right to take the dog back from the Buyer with no compensation to Buyer.

*Buyers will make themselves very aware of any possible bans, ordinances, etc. in their county, community, and/or country that are breed specific. As a responsible American Pit Bull Terrier owner, buyer must regularly check up on these possibilities as well as promote the breed in an extremely positive manner.

* You as the new owner have a great responsibility to maintain your dog’s emotional and physical well-being.
* Maintain a sound feeding program.
* Insure continued health by regular veterinarian check-ups.
* Maintain proper immunization and keep them up to date.
* Proper exercise for mental and physical well-being.
* The responsibility, love, and care you give your dog will be returned many times in the years ahead.

* If for any reason Buyer cannot keep this animal, Buyer will contact the breeder first, before selling, disposing or giving this animal away.

* Buyer agrees that this said puppy/dog will not be used for any inhumane, immoral, or illegal purposes. If it is determined that Buyer has or is using said puppy/dog in this manner, The House Of BullyZ Kennel has the right to take back possession of said puppy/dog without compensation to owner and press charges against Buyer if it is determined inhumane, immoral, or any illegal actions of Buyer against said puppy/dog are felonious and/ or criminal. All provisions in this contract are designed to safeguard the puppy/dog, the breed in general (APBT), and/or the community. 

*Any deletions to this contract shall be struck out and initialed by both parties, additional amendments will be noted on the back of this sheet followed by the signature of both parties.

The undersigned do hereby accept this agreement in its entirety and acknowledge that this is a legal and binding agreement/contract.
Each party is in receipt of a signed and dated copy of this agreement.

Buyer's Name:____________________ Tel. # _______________E-mail____________________
City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________________ Signature:________________________________________ Date:________________________

I/WE agree to this contract and agree to abide to it by my/our signature below.

Buyer/Owner______________________________________ Date________________________

Breeder__________________________________________ Date________________________ 


The House Of BullyZ
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